La Gazzetta di Fairy Oak
Giornale redatto dagli studenti della Onorata Scuola Horace McCrips,
in collaborazione con gli insegnanti e gli abitanti di Fairy Oak.
Direttore: Preside Euforbia Flumini

di Grisam Burdock

“Meum Spignel flies onto the roof and occupies a stork’s nest. The Mayor takes the situation in hand and promotes secretary Hobbs to ‘Flight Control Officer’”


“Pine cone news 2. Martha Burdock wins, for the eighth year in succession, the contest for pine cone soufflé with cream, despite the fact that the pastry acted up a bit.”


“I the undersigned, doctor Penstemon Chestnut, certify the birth of Lavender Periwinkle, who came into the world at one minute past midnight of the 31st of October, and of her sister Heather Periwinkle, born at noon on the same day.”